– Thank you, thank you everyone for all your feedback. You inspire me.  Marion.


Marion is nothing short of a wonder! Initially referred to me as someone who could help improve my overall well being and badly flagging energy levels she has given me so much more.
Accustomed to solving all my own problems, as a business owner accustomed to leading, guiding and influencing those around me, building and coaching teams and in general making all the decisions I was not prepared for the astounding and positive impact Marion and her food coaching was to have.
From the moment she opened her door I was sold. Marion was glowing , radiating and I thought “if what she does makes her look that good I’m in!”
Easy to speak with, Marion, in her insightful and intelligent manner, during our first meeting managed to get me to listen and not just hear what she was saying, agree to act upon her advice and thus magically I embarked upon a journey of personal change. All this and I thought I was simply seeing a raw food guru, not the very gifted and talented life style guide that is Marion. As we continued with my food odyssey Marion’s knowledge was amazing and her patience endless as we discovered what worked for me and what did not. The value I received from her programs far outstripped the financial investment in her services.
With Marion’s coaching I have changed not only how I feed myself but how I care and nourish myself in general. Marion’s fabulous recipes and ongoing encouragement to try something new, enriches and keeps me on track. She has introduced to me the most wonderful riverside walks while chatting about nutrition, she has got me out of the office and from behind a desk, helped sort out my pantry of all that old “stuff” and introduced me to the delicious world of fresh organic foods.
Marion’s coaching , loving care, sense of fun and encouragement to change ingrained habits has given me back lost energy – I feel fantastic, am told I’m looking great and now have work/life balance for the first time.
I can not thank this fabulous, intelligent and insightful individual enough and am delighted to have the opportunity to share my experience with others .
If you are feeling a bit flat or are just interested in learning more about living food be kind to yourself and meet with Marion. It will be rewarding, fun and time well spent.
Sue W.- Business Owner

I can not recommend Marion’s food coaching highly enough! After a 3 month journey with her I do not want it to end but of course this is where it all begins for me: to gather all the beautiful recipes she has so lovingly prepared for and provided us and make it my daily reality. Her suggestions on my diet, were often met with resistance – have been monumental in gently steering me and my household towards a new culinary and nutritional space, one that I couldn’t imagine I would reach. I am totally inspired to embrace, make and eat the exquisite food I know is possible to us all. It is food at its best – scrumptious and live.
Georgina E.W.

Thank you Marion for your vast knowledge, unlimited patience, superb food during classes, wonderful smile and sharing your beautiful space.  I learned so much and still incorporate everything into my lifestyle. Longevity is always a wonderful goal but longevity with excellent health is the ultimate aim.  I unequivocally recommend Marion’s food coaching.
Using raw foods is exciting as one can feel the life force, enzymes and vibrancy emanating from them.  I am pedantic about eating certified organic foods and am in process of expanding my home garden to include as many live superfoods as possible – such a pleasure to “shop at home”.
I enrolled for the personal food coaching after attending an initial class on smoothies which are now the kick-start to my every-day.
Marion teaches appreciation of all nature provides with love and passion. I absolutely love my copy of Marion’s Food Coaching book.
I am not one of Marion’s greatest success stories yet, but am getting there.  In my 70’s I am benefiting from her patient encouragement and knowledge. Keeps me active and enthusiastic about living :)
Judith A.- avid organic gardener

Food Coaching has had a huge impact on me. I have a chocolate smoothie every morning which I premix the ingredients in jars to last me a week. The mix is jam packed and I absolutely notice the difference when I don’t have them! I use the bee pollen and goji on my long rides and we are always knocking up recipes we learnt from Marion in the thermomix…in fact I can’t remember life before the thermomix!
Aside from the content you taught I was very impressed with your willingness to support unconditionally and assist in any way you can, be it with suggestions to work more efficiently in my business or to inspire some future projects on my family farm.
There is room for improvement in my diet though I feel I have a great foundation and an awesome supportive resource knowing you!
Cameron S. – business owner & adventure mountain bike race

It was a pleasure to work with Marion in creating a new menu for our Juice bar. She was energetic and professional in every aspect of helping us to create new health tonics for our customers. The recipes were excellent and Marion accommodated our need to modify a few items. With regard to training she was conscientious in making sure that each item was made properly by our staff and worked diligently to ensure consistency in the recipes. She provided written materials in addition which helped to inform customers of the health benefits of these drinks and drew out the new menu. It was a very positive experience overall
The Source – Detox & Wellness Center – Koh Samui, Thailand,

‘Marion Egger changed my life! – A huge statement I know, however it’s the truth.
I’m a marathon runner and a mum of two small children (18 months and 3 years old), and Marion came into my life 8 months ago when I continued to get sick during training. I had previously consulted with Naturopaths and Nutritionists, however a lot of the information they provided either didn’t make sense or was conflicting, nor did it make me better.  That’s when I met Marion. We began our journey with three months of Food Coaching, which included her amazing cooking classes. Her food is sensational, nutritional and delicious!  Once this finished, I extended our journey for another 12 months. Not because I didn’t learn enough, rather that there is so much to learn and Marion has a wealth of knowledge, information and training.
I’ve changed the way we eat, the way I cook, the way we live, and we are ALL thriving from it!  I have learnt so much about superfoods, various herbs, chinese medicine, enzymology, and bio-live cuisine, and so many recipes. Things are presented in an easy to understand way, and easily adopted into my hectic lifestyle. I now can’t live without my daily green smoothie packed with superfoods, ‘good’ drinking water, kefir and kombucha drinks, and real food.
I’ve thrown away all my old supplements and medicines and am learning about food for medicine. I no longer get sick and have more energy and vibrancy than I’ve had in years. I’m excited about cooking again and no longer see it as a chore.
I thank Marion for everything she has done for me and my family so far, and I look forward to our long and positive relationship together.’
Marissa R.

‘My first contact with Marion was through some of her Raw Food classes where she opened up a whole new way of approaching food.  Not only were the health benefits immediately obvious but the taste sensations out of this world!  So when my doctor advised me a few weeks later that I needed to take some unwanted medication due to health issues I exited his office and rang Marion.  Five months of coaching with Marion has seen me well on my way to a healthy future which I control by what I choose to eat, not what is on a prescription!  During this time Marion has been not only inspirational and a font of detailed information, she’s also been incredibly patient and kind supporting me through some of my darkest times.  Marion is one of the most generous people I know who is truly dedicated to the wellbeing of her clients.  Taking a journey with Marion is not to be missed!!’
Sally McBride

‘Dear Marion, Thank you for changing my life!! I am not being over dramatic, you really have changed my life! When I first signed up for your ‘kick start your 2012′ program I really did not expect to feel so amazing. After years of digestive problems and frustration with medical specialist, you were the answer all along!
You have not only changed the way I have though about food, but also changed those who know me. As a walking example of how superfoods and raw foods can change a person, a number of my friends and work colleagues have attended many of your classes and continue to keep in touch with you. They too have felt the benefits of eating nutritious, wholesome and living food ! A number of us are buying raw food books, creating raw food desserts (yum!) and swapping live kombucha cultures and keifer grains.
These days, I can not live without my morning green smoothie (nor can my mother and her friends) or the fermented tea tonics. Your recipes are brilliant, your knowledge is fantastic and best of all, the ways you have encouraged me to introduce more living foods into my daily diet have allowed me to easily maintain my hight raw diet.  For that I would like to thank you!’
Dr Bijanka Gebski, PhD in Molecular Cell biology

‘I have been playing physical and demanding football for around 15 years. I have had many experiences with highly regarded professionals in my field, including Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Natural practitioners and Dieticians…nobody has made more sense than Marion.
Her knowledge is up to date whilst including proven recipes from 100’s of years ago. I am sure that with her help I will also be able to restrict the damage to my body from years of taking anti-inflammatory medication.  I am excited & energised about food again. I look forward to positively nourishing my body through the many natural medicinal benefits of food that I have learnt from Marion’
Adam McPhee, Professional Athlete- Fremantle Dockers (ret. 2012)

‘Dear Marion, thank-you for the wonderful class on Saturday.  Just fantastic.  I am so inspired.  Watching you in the kitchen has given me so many great tips and tricks.  The food was delicious and you were so generous in sharing all your knowledge.  A big thank-you. I am looking forward to the next course.’
A / Prof Catherine Elliott PhD 
Department of Paediatric Rehabilitation 
Princess Margaret Hospital for Children

‘Marion’s food was perfect at my recent seminar in Perth. Not just was it delicious in every regard (Yummy-Alert!), it also supported the emotional and spiritual state for the attendees to gain the most from my practices. The food was uplifting and heightened everybody’s energy. Thank you Marion :)’
Baba Dez, internationally renowned speaker, shaman and teacher from Sedona AZ

‘Hi Marion, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful class today. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from you.
Everything was amazing and I now have a far better understanding on the ingredients to choose for recovery and rehydration. I am going to be adding these into my daily diet right away and I am preparing my husband for the World Natural Bodybuilding titles in America in October so I am sure this will help us immensely. Once again thank you and I can not wait to come to another class.’
Michelle Nazaroff – www.michellenazaroff.com ,Certified Master Personal Trainer , Certified IPAC Physique Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Chef, International Body Building Judge

‘I have been suffering from ‘IBS’ according to my GP and I was after a natural approach (rather than being on medication that has negative side affects.) After scouring the internet for hours on end, Marion has been able to give me confidence and empowered me with bundles of knowledge compared to the conflicting information I had seen on the internet by so called ‘experts.’
Marion and her green smoothies had me back to my healthy self almost instantly! I am thoroughly enjoying her intense food coaching program- it will benefit my young family’s health & wellbeing for years to come.  Her knowledge spreads into all areas of natural/holistic living, not just food.
I feel grateful and privileged to have met Marion. I am now empowered and confident to pass on her simple & effective principles to my family.’
Bree McPhee, professional and mum of 2

‘Booking a tailor – made food coaching class with Marion was the best decision I have made in a long time, my only regret was that I booked it so far in advance! I got together a group of friends and we learnt about super smoothies and raw sweet delights. I have been making green smoothies for a while and Marion’s tips have made them taste much much better! Not only does she show us what to do but we get lots of information about the best ingredients and of course the health benefits. The raw sweet delights really were delicious and with the take home recipes are just what you need so you can make them again and again. Now i have the knowledge and confidence to learn to make others just as yummy!
If you are trying to decide if you should go to a class my answer would be YES go for it!’
Gabrielle Morrison, Glowing with Health

‘I never thought meeting Food-Coach, Marion Egger would have such a huge impact on my life, but it did. Marion took me on a wonderful adventure to eat foods I had never tried before and she got me to voyage right out of my comfort zone. She tailor made a food and nutrition program to suit my tastes and likes, after all, prior to meeting Marion potato chips and chocolate was the life for me. Throughout this journey and within my body I have never felt better. What has made this program so successful is it works with my strengths; and it helps me to recognize and conquer my weaknesses through knowledge and new habits. Marion guides you in the direction you want to go.  Marion is constantly available for questions and queries at any time. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to change their eating habits for the better.’
Carolyn Cutri, Journalist, WA

‘Thank you so much for the class yesterday.
The setting was lovely, and I so enjoyed sharing  your cultured food and beverage passion for a few hours and soaking up your wisdom, knowledge and informative demonstrations, not to mention the generous tastings of cultured foods and drinks.
It was an inspirational class and I am excited about creating more cultured veggies and drinks in my own kitchen.
Please let me know when you are hosting Cultured Part 2 – I’d love to join in again.’
Genevieve, Coach

This class was out of this world! I want to do all of Marion’s classes now. I have done many raw courses in Perth and Marion’s are by far the best!
Thank you so much Marion as that class has motivated and inspired me and made me so happy and I’m ready again to be healthy and love having my creative energy back! You’re so knowledgeable and your class is very comprehensive! Thank you for the best day!
Participant of Super-Smoothie Class in 2011

‘Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed learning and being inspired through all Marion’s knowledge and passion for healthy living. Through these fun workshops, our health has been taken to a whole new level which we have been able to share with friends and family. Love and gratitude’
Mackenzie and Angela

‘Marion, you re-inspired me with my passion of nutrition, it was such a great feeling to know what I now want to do!! THANK YOU!! 😀 I really enjoyed the class.’
Nicky Ascott, Personal Trainer

‘Yeah wow! I was familiar with a few of the concepts and adventure with smoothies myself
but after attending Marion’s workshop I became more enthused & saw just how easy
‘green smoothies’ can be made. Loved the ‘Gazpacho style’ raw vegetable smoothie the best. Thanks Marion.’
Andre Georgieff

‘Your workshop reawakened in me the desire to want to create more raw and healthy food into my modern kitchen habits. I forgot how simple and delicious it really is! Your workshop was not only informative but practical and fun.
Thank you for inspiring me and re-igniting my hunger for health! ‘
Urs Hugi – Food lover and Professional