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The following 5 classes can be booked as a package on their own or are part of my coaching and mentoring premier package.  More details on these options can be found here.


1  Super-Smoothies and Liquid Nutrition
You will learn
– how to make healthy and delicious green smoothies and other super-smoothie creations to kick-start your day with lots of energy that lasts.
– about nutrient dense Superfoods.
– to create your own nut-milks, delicious “creamy” smoothies without dairy, and divine chocolate smoothies without guilt or a “sugar rush”.
– how to get more nutrition in one blender-full than most people get in a week!
– how to feel vibrant and full of energy all day.

2  Raw Dips, Spreads and Salad Dressings
You will learn
– easy ways to increase the choice of raw foods in your fridge.
– quick and delicious raw dips and snacks that are perfect on bread, crackers, vegetables and salads.
– how to make salad an easy food choice and a variety of ideas and dressings.
Now you can say goodbye to emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, additives, fillers and other nasty surprises.

3  An Introduction to Fermentation
You will learn
– how to prepare soothing fermented vegetables and probiotic tonics.
– how to enrich those with beneficial bacteria.
– how to re-establish and maintain a healthy digestive ecosystem.

4  Dehydrator Magic
You will learn
– and explore the possibilities of your dehydrator.
– to use your dehydrator.
– to create delicious, enzyme – rich crackers, chips, sprouted breads, raw granola, cookies and more.
Leave feeling confident to invent your own recipes.

5  One-Step-Nutrition – Performance Super Food
You will learn
– to create a selection of raw, delicious, homemade, super-nutritious and energising bars and burgers (yes!)
– to create snacks that keep you satisfied whilst being at your best, whether you are training for a triathlon or looking after 3 kids.
– how to make  totally natural sports, recovery drinks and gels.


  • All recipes are raw (*unless otherwise stated).
  • All recipes are wheat and gluten free, free of dairy and free of sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Intentionally and whenever possible all my ingredients are organic, local, fairtrade and always GMO free.
  • All recipes are delicious!
  • Included are printed recipes, tons of info and delicious taste samples.


Available on request:

Raw Cakes and Desserts
Raw creations that will truly satisfy and impress any Lover of sweets!  Have your cake and eat it too!
Explore and enjoy these ‘healthy’ alternatives that taste too good to be true. Blow your mind and not your waistline.

‘Creating Super-Immunity’  Tips Tricks and Tastes
From medicinal mushrooms and herbal infusions to simple lifestyle adjustments.
Let me show you how to dodge colds and flu’s .
Learn to make your own virus and bug fighting natural remedies to take home with you!


Private Classes

Private Classes are available by booking. If you would like to organise a group please contact me to discuss all options. A Private Class can be any of my classes on display above or it can be specifically tailored to suit your group’s interests.