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If you are ready to experience real mental clarity and physical well-being, to glow with radiant health and reach an ideal weight, consider a 3 month mentorship. I welcome your call (Australia) 0408 096 360.

Why Coaching?

You will benefit from food coaching if you want to:
•    make excellent food choices, everywhere, effortlessly.
•    know how to boost your immunity, naturally.
•    experience peak performance in sport and daily life.
•    adopt an attitude that promotes vitality and longevity by using ‘food-as-medicine’
•    learn enjoyable and innovative techniques to manage your weight.
•    know how to replace junk food with super food snacks.
•    establish a super healthy digestive system.
•    increase your energy and wellbeing.
•    overcome hormonal challenges naturally with balancing foods.
•    learn the best detoxification and cleansing methods for you.
•    become a ‘super-live food’ chef and save time in the kitchen.
•    improve your mood with the right foods.
•    know the best ways to combine foods.
•    overcome food or food handling phobias.

Individual Coaching

On your individual  Food Coaching journey I invite you to choose your focus,  as this helps me to help you better. Specific details (cost, duration, inclusions etc) can be found here.

I want
Easy –  I just want to know how to make the right food choices, get properly nourished, know where to shop, what to buy and how to prepare a range of the best food ever. I am happy that Marion will do all the background thinking and customise the best combination of foods and beverages, and routine, that will work for me.
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I want the
Complete Download – I want to know everything – all the best research, the World’s authorities, the best of the Web. I look forward to integrating and sharing these learnings into my professional life, or move into a related field as a result of this education.
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I am
Too Busy I don’t have the time to learn and prepare all this delicious food, but I really appreciate the essential benefits such nutrition offers. What I need is a plan tthat will enable me to ‘crowd out the bad habits’ so I head in the right direction without too much effort on my part.
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I am a
Food Lover – Spending all day shopping and preparing superb food, then hosting a dinner party, is my idea of fun! The idea of culinary medicine inspires me. I want to skill-up in this field and integrate your principles into my Life.
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Culinary Medicine Journey
– I love your work Marion. I’m ready, where do I sign up? Here :)



Hospitality Consulting
Specialist Bespoke Menus for Hospitality and Spas

With over a dozen years of personal experience in commercial kitchens, and extensive travel to Spas in Asia and Australia, I understand the logistics of food, beverage and Spa. Specialising in ‘culinary medicine’ – the principles of ‘food-as-medicine’, I can assist your business to offer to customers something extremely rare in commercial food today –  truly life-giving and healing cuisine. This goes way beyond today’s mainstream concept of ‘healthy’ eating, and to the next level altogether – without compromising taste, appearance or appeal in any way whatsoever! To find out more, please contact me : +61 408 096 360.

Perth Business ProprietorsGain the edge in the burgeoning raw food and super nutrition industry with a 3 hour meeting & tricks session, at your premises, to discuss your options, share invaluable insights and get you started. From ‘green smoothies’ that taste just right to sin-free, delicious and medicinal raw chocolate treats – the market for superb living cuisine (no, not just salads and gluten free cakes) is exploding – if you get it right. Please call  me  for further details on 0408 096 360.

Other Services:

  • design of guest/specialist menu;
  • staff training and recipes for superfood creations;
  • brainstorming sessions to introduce revolutionary ideas and tricks – to supercharge your menu utilising delicious live food creations – that will get your customers buzzing.
  • integration of super-nutrition into your food and beverage range to create a valuable point of difference in your business.


‘It was a pleasure to work with Marion in creating a new menu for our Juice bar. She was energetic and professional in every aspect of helping us to create new health tonics for our customers. The recipes were excellent and Marion accommodated our need to modify a few items. With regard to training she was conscientious in making sure that each item was made properly by our staff and worked diligently to ensure consistency in the recipes. She provided written materials in addition which helped to inform customers of the health benefits of these drinks and drew out the new menu. It was a very positive experience overall’
The Source – Detox & Wellness Center – Koh Samui, Thailand,