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Food Coaching- Coaching, Consulting and Classes in Super-Nutrition, Living Cuisine and Culinary Medicine.

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Journey with me into the world of culinary medicine and stack the odds of longevity and vitality in your favour.

Whether you just need a few ideas to add zing to your diet and lifestyle, or have heard of superfoods and raw gourmet cuisine and would like to know more – this is the place!

Imagine –  just eating right, effortlessly, and having fun all the way. Learn the tricks so you can crowd in the ‘good stuff’flood your cells with an abundance of all the micro and nano-nutrients they really require for superb activity and error-free replication (= youth).

Eat ‘mainstream’ food for recreation, if you wish – but not for nutrition! Relax, knowing you are deeply nourished.

Food Coaching is about making it is easy to become a super gatherer for yourself and loved ones, giving the ultimate gift – superb health through super-nutrition, whilst caring for our planet. Create food that is truly delicious – nourishing and energising you on every level.  My coaching programs are custom made for your needs, and I guarantee you will redefine your relationship with food – for the better, once and for all.

Food Coaching instills the values for optimum health, because we all know:



Most of us know we could eat more healthily to minimise the ‘Modern Malaise’ of over-consumption and preventable disease, but it can be hard to make the transition without guidance (especially with fussy families and a hectic schedule.)

I believe it is our naturally intended state & birthright to be vital and healthy throughout a lifetime and at any age. It is the solid foundation of “living happily ever after.”

This way change can become effortless.

For example you learn how to replace junk foods easily with yummy super food snacks that nourish you and stimulate YOUR taste buds. You are a chocolate addict? No worries. I’ve got good news for you!

And, it’s not about giving up.

You discover that by adding real nutrition in your diet, cravings for bad choices simply disappear.

We identify limiting habits and introduce lasting change by taking holistic and individual steps to recreate an environment for you that promotes Health and Vitality. This is a fun and ‘hands-on’ process. It requires your commitment and participation.

We can cover many exciting topics, like Super-foods, preparing healthy, easy and yummy dishes, raw food power, gourmet nutrition, food as medicine and more.

You might like to discover what is really hiding in your kitchen cupboards, or where and how to shop for real food.

As a coach, I work with you to increase your awareness and support you in achieving your desired outcome. In a practical sense you will learn how  to create new and effective ways to nourish your physical being, so you can live the life you truly love.


I will work with a maximum of 10 clients per season. This will allow me to devote my full attention to each of you.

Summer season commences from February 2016.

To make things easier, more affordable and flexible, I now offer a range of services. You can choose what works best for you.

Trial offer – $350
2 in-depth coaching sessions with me – credited toward another coaching package should you wish to go deeper.

Premier package – $3000 –  3 months of deliciously life-changing mentoring

  • Detailed preparation questionnaire to kick-start our work
  • Face-to-face meetings, twice monthly for 90 minutes. Alternatively phone or Skype is available.
  • Weekly phone call for 20 minutes
  • Personal email and SMS communication during business hours
  • Access to all my research as required.
  • A signed copy of my book, Food Coaching Health-Tips 2008-2013.
  • Attendance at all 5 signature classes (details & dates here)
  • Certificate of completion
  • BONUS (optional) – 1 extra month of coaching for an additional $200 only!


Couples (co-habiting) – second person is half price. This is because the mutual support in the home environment creates better results, from my experience.

Just the Classes – $1000
Attendance at all 5 of my signature classes:

  1. Super-Smoothies and Liquid Nutrition
  2. Raw Dips, Spreads and Salad Dressings
  3. An Introduction to Fermentation
  4. Dehydrator Magic
  5. One-Step-Nutrition – Performance Super Food

For more details and dates click here.

Just Coaching 3 / 3 months – $2250 – no classes

Just Coaching 2  / 2 months – $1500 – no classes


Please get in touch for more information ph. 0408 096 360 . I am looking forward to working with you.



Please Click Here for details on my raw food and culinary medicine Classes in Perth.