‘Culinary Medicine’ – what does that mean to you? I hope it evokes for you a gourmet feast from a plate of delicious, medicinally active plants that have health-promoting properties. That is what it evokes in me.

The logo interprets this as a fine china plate laden with superfoods, overlaid by the medical symbol of the Rod of Asclepius.  On the plate are goji berries, aloe vera, turmeric, maca root, a coconut, cocao beans, blueberries, a lemon, cashew nuts, an avocado and almonds. The vanilla bean ‘rod’ is encircled by a leafy green ‘serpent’ vine, vibrant and lush. When we begin to think in this way, our food choices expand, our consciousness rises.  We begin to admire that the most delightful foods in this world are pure, alive, from Nature, as Nature intended.  This I wish for you.

Throughout human civilisation wisdom has been shared as to the natural ‘medical cornucopia’ that exists for human health, to be found in the natural world. Now I continue that tradition…